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Basic PowerDVD will play DVDs, discs, and Blu-ray discs natively. Yes, it’s very simple and that’s the point. It’s intended for basic use, not for demanding features like editing, managing, and duplicating discs. However, it’s still one of the better players we’ve tested and it does a better job of upscaling than competitors. The Pro version eliminates some of the features that made PowerDVD the best option for basic use. It’s hard to recommend the entry-level version for those that want to use editing tools, transcode discs or transfer digital files to and from USB drives. If you’re looking for a basic player that will play DVDs and upscales to HD, this is one of the best options available.

Essentially, PowerDVD is a DVD player that happens to also be a streamer, a transcode machine, and an editing platform. It’s an incredibly basic app that is simple to use and quick. While there is a somewhat convoluted way to manage your discs, this is probably the least inconvenient in terms of how you’ll use it. It’s simple to use but it’s not as feature-rich as you’ll find with some of the other apps in this roundup. If you’re looking for a player that’s very basic, and just wants to play a DVD or Blu-ray disc, PowerDVD 21 is the best bet, though it is our least favorite of the bunch reviewed here.

Aside from the good looking DVD and media menus, CyberLink’s online features are the key attraction, but frankly, I’m not that impressed with what I’ve seen so far. The biggest problem is that CyberLink doesn’t seem to have a single member of the media team who can walk someone through how to use the service. This is absolutely one of the most basic services of any online streaming platform, and instead of doing their best to help people get started, they’re making you waste too much time digging through documentation that’s nothing more than a list of TV shows, movies, and music. There’s only one level of access, and there’s no way for you to customize what you see. If you’ve been reading this site for the past five years, you know that we recommend the options page for any feature that offers flexibility, and yet CyberLink seems to have taken a “Big Hole” approach to this one. Do yourself a favor and download a trial version of the software so you can get a feel for how it works before you spend money on the full version.

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The email from CyberLink promised that PowerDVD 10* (*PowerDVD*) would run on any Windows operating system and that it could support various types of storage devices, including external hard drives, optical discs, digital cameras, and network-attached storage. In my test, I used a storage device connected to my network.

I was a bit reluctant to use PowerDVD and opted to build the initial database from scratch. I did all of the work from scratch using the conversion tools. It was a pain to do the conversions but it worked the first time. Once the database is populated, the conversion tool makes it quick and easy to start creating content from the thousands of titles.

User Experience: PowerDVD support movies and functions like a player with a database of content, providing an outstanding player experience for your media files. The interface is easy to navigate and users can enjoy movies with an intuitive user-friendly interface.

I noticed that all CyberLink PowerDVD / CyberLink Movie Studio / Patch For CyberLink PowerDVD 17 language guides are missing from the main website. Looking further, I found a nice blog from a user named GSF-Z. He’s created several video tutorials for some of the more advanced features of PowerDVD. If you have some time on your hands, go over there and check out his work and find how you can configure PowerDVD to fit your needs.

Time to upgrade: CyberLink PowerDVD 17 is licensed as valuable for MSDN, MSDNAA, MSDN® and MSDN®AA.

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What is CyberLink PowerDVD good for?

Since its launch in 2005, PowerDVD has become the industry standard for home media players. CyberLink’s latest version of the program is more than just a replacement for Windows Media Player or VLC. It is, arguably, a better media player, with a more intuitive interface, better access to content, and more on-screen controls and tools. Unlike some other media players, PowerDVD does not have a lot of bloated features. It is an incredibly easy to use program with a streamlined interface, perfect for casual users. If you are looking for a program to play any type of media file, PowerDVD is worth a look. I have used the program for years and find it to be a key addition to my Windows PC.

The other downside to PowerDVD is its size. The installer can take minutes to download. When it’s up and running, the program is huge. Once installed, you have access to over 4,000 media files (roughly 2,000 different music, TV shows, and video files). There are also over 400 feature add-ons available for PowerDVD, with even more titles and functions on the way. If you have a home network, PowerDVD is a must have. While the standard version will run on even the lowest of Windows versions, the Pro version will run on all Windows operating systems. For avid users, the program can be a lifetime investment.

PowerDVD isn’t just an award-winning DVD and Blu-ray player, it’s a media player at its best. Now, with the release of the latest version of CyberLink PowerDVD, it can handle just about any media that you throw at it.

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What's new in CyberLink PowerDVD

  • Streaming video support
  • New PowerDVD Cloud integration
  • New utilities
  • Kodi improvements
  • Windows Live Streaming support
  • Windows Phone improvements
  • Smart card reading
  • Black frame removal
  • MPEG-4 3D playback

CyberLink PowerDVD Features

  • Play back all forms of media discs, including CD, VCD, DVD, Blu-ray, 3D and more.
  • Enjoy the convenience of an intuitive presentation view on every movie.
  • Now you can enjoy your media on every device in your life: big screen TV, projector, mobile phone, and so on.
  • Tap into the amazing capabilities of Xbox One with just a few clicks.
  • Create your own movies and watch on any TV set via Chromecast and Airplay.
  • Add powerful tools that can help you clean, protect and backup your files.
  • This application is now translated into more than 10 languages, including Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese and many more. That’s more languages than most other players.

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